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       James P. Desrosiers, M.M.

Acclaimed Speaker & Executive Coach for organizations and people of all ages

   "Unlock Your Ultimate Potential Through Goal Setting & Self-Motivation"

The Past Is Over.  

The Future Is Undetermined & Unlimited.  

What Do You Want With What's Left?

Appealing to everyone from students to CEOs, James Desrosiers motivates people to achieve their ultimate potential and provides the critical success tools necessary to succeed.

Thousands of people have crowded into auditoriums across America to hear the exciting message of James P. Desrosiers. Since his workshops are interactive, he calls attendees "participants" who love his enthusiasm and thought-provoking style. Skillfully, he frames many of life’s challenging issues, including his own personal hardships as a child. James provides a powerful message AND an action-based process that anyone can implement to ensure their ultimate success, potential, and happiness. Hilarious one minute, profoundly serious and compelling the next, he provides insight, hope, and real-world solutions including goal identification, goal setting, time management, and self-motivation.  This keynote speaker will motivate your audience to ensure a great conference.

In each presentation, James offers concrete steps to take in order to influence behavior, strengthen character, and combat negative forces that frequently throw us off balance. Audiences benefit from his sage advice, guiding philosophy, and the skills he offers for success. James’ ultimate goal is to help his audience achieve theirs. The most important element audience members take away from his presentations is the powerful emphasis he places on attitude, behavior, self-motivation, commitment, and discipline. He believes that these are the necessary tools for achieving ultimate potential.

Programs by James are always fun and entertaining, yet combined with a solid no-fluff look at reality and the important choices each individual must make. The results are simple yet profound; people think on a deeper level about their choices.  For 15+ years, his work has been the spark that jolted many people (students and adults) to change, grow, accept, and excel, making lives more fulfilling and making this world a better place.

This entrepreneur has appeared on WBZ Parent Report, WBZ News segments, the Barbara Roy Show, WTAG radio, Discovering Authenticity With Teri Sica on WATD 95.9FM radio, the Boston Globe, Parent Magazine, the Link National School Newspaper, and the Exchange – Title One. His blog is is followed by many people of all ages.


He has been a keynote speaker and workshop provider for Massachusetts Title I Dissemination Project (read article) , Mass. School Counselor's Association, Mass. Teachers Association, TempNet, various Chambers of Commerce, Boston Business Expo, and the Worcester Business Expo.  James was the first ever male keynote speaker for Battered Women's Resources.

James is the author of the books Young People’s Guide to Goal Setting and Adults' Guide to Goal Setting, teaching readers lessons in success, time management, self-motivation, and goal setting.  He owns GROWTHco and created www.GROWTHco.com, a complete life and goal management website.  

His programs have been implemented in over 180 schools totaling 18,000+ students with documented results, including increasing student academic performance, reducing drop out rates, reducing negative behaviors (gang activity, obesity, teen pregnancy, drug use), and even prevented suicide.  

In 2006, James founded the Goal Setting Institute for Youth, a nonprofit corporation that provides young people with the same success services & technology currently offered for a fee through GROWTHco at no cost to participants.


He is currently working with the New England Patriots Hall of Fame and Pete Brock from GROWTHco and the New England Patriots Alumni Club to produce goal achievement programs for young people and corporate development programs for organizations.  James and Pete also conduct speeches and programs together, coupling a motivational talk with real-world tools that audience members can implement easily and immediately into their own lives.


For adults and organizations, James has worked with hundreds of high-level executives and dramatically increase career results and personal wealth.  In addition, he helps adults maximize results in every other area of life, including relationships, health & fitness, finances, inner growth, and their role in the community.  Does your sales team need more than motivation?  James has programs that make it rain!

James has been recognized as an outstanding citizen by the House of Representatives and was named Junior Achievement’s Volunteer-of-the-Year.  He is currently a Distinguished Speaker for Massachusetts Office of the Treasury. He is also a goal setting and motivational expert for iGot2Know.com, co-host for an emmy-nominated television show “I’m Possible!” (interviewing celebrities, athletes, and leaders as role models), and current fill-in radio host in Boston for WATD 95.9FM's Discovering Authenticity with Teri Sica.  

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James P. Desrosiers, M.M.
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