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       James P. Desrosiers, M.M.

Acclaimed Speaker & Executive Coach for organizations and people of all ages

   "Unlock Your Ultimate Potential Through Goal Setting & Self-Motivation"

Born and raised in North Central Massachusetts, James Desrosiers had spent his childhood overcoming tremendous challenges.  His biological father was a drug-addicted abuser. His mother was often not home, having to work multiple jobs to provide the essential needs to James and his five brothers and sisters.  Due to the physical and emotional abuse, many people thought James wouldn't survive, never mind succeed in his life. Society expected him to fail.  James decided the rest of his life was going to be different.  Instead of using his past conditioning and environment as excuses, he instead took control of his destiny by focusing on the unlimited and undetermined future that was in front of him. From now on, he would demand success...from the world around him...and from himself. He set goals.  Life quickly improved.  

James graduated Leominster High School in 1986 and followed his siblings example by going into the military.  He spent four years in the United States Air Force, traveling to over 36 different countries. It was an experience in bootcamp that provided James with his first 'A-HA!" moment.  Having never run a mile before, his instructor demanded he run one...and then another...and then five more...and finally hike a hill with 45 lbs. in a backpack!  Upon reaching the summit, James wept.  Partly from the pain he was experiencing :-), but mostly from realizing for the first time that he was capable of so much more than his mind and childhood conditioning was allowing him to believe!

In the Air Force, the awards started coming.  Basic Training Honor Graduate, Tech School Honor Graduate, Good Conduct Medal, Airman of the Quarter for the United States Air Force in Europe, Libyan Conflict Medal, and more.  

James returned to Massachusetts in 2000 and worked in locally owned, small businesses in the Personnel and Training Industries. He rapidly became known as a Sales Rainmaker and Training Professional.  James took his skills to Fortune 100 companies Prudential and MCI Telecommunications.  After bringing a sales team from poor performance to the top 5 in New England, he decided to start his own people performance organization, GROWTHco, in 1994.  James has worked with hundreds of business leaders and thousands of executives to dramatically increase their results at work...at home...and in life.

James became the first member of his family to achieve a college degree and earned a Masters in Management from Cambridge College in 2007 with perfect grade point average!  He currently serves on the Advisory Committee for the institution.

During his own growth, he met Claudia and her three boys - Brian, Sean, and David in 1990.  They've been together even since and helping Claudia raise these boys into intelligent, productive, and caring adults is his proudest accomplishment!  It was actually through watching them grow up that he noticed that people expected kids to succeed, but didn't teach them how. James wrote Young People's Guide to Goal Setting in 2001 and now implements his success curriculum nationally, teaching lessons in goal setting, time management, and self-motivation to students and those who serve them.  He recently launched GROWTHco.com, an online goal and life management website. The site helps young people pursue their goals and better manage their time, while simultaneously providing a powerful communication and reporting technology to the organizations and families that support them.

He currently serves as President in two organizations he founded:  GROWTHco and Goal Setting Institute for Youth, a nonprofit corporation.

So, there you have it.  A brief summary of James Desrosiers.  If his own success has inspired you (and I've left out some amazing victories and obstacles he had to overcome), then just wait until you hear him live!  Plus, he provides the actual tools for participants to identify, plan, schedule, track, pursue, and achieve their own goals and dreams!

James P. Desrosiers, M.M.

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