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   "Unlock Your Ultimate Potential Through Goal Setting & Self-Motivation"

"Jim Desrosiers is one of the best motivational trainer/coach/consultants I have known in thirty-five years in the human performance business.  He will provide a return on investment immediately.

Jim is an exceptionally articulate connector, which sets him apart from so many others in the industry.  He starts with your focused outcomes in mind and delivers a customer experience well beyond expectation.  He is exceptionally well informed on his soft skill subjects of leadership, supervisory skills, communications, and team building in addition to his expertise of personal productivity, goal achievement, and time management.  Jim is particularly engaging with diverse audiences and has honed the art and science of speaking into a style that is immediately both entertaining and effective.

Over the last four years, I have worked closely with Jim as a podium colleague as well as being his direct manager and scheduler.  He is absolutely THE go-to choice for professional training under difficult circumstances.  Performance assessments of those who complete his trainings are among the highest I have ever seen.  Attendees leave Jim’s sessions with significantly changed world-views and a deeper understanding as to what is possible.  Without reservation, I recommend Jim to you as an exceptional speaker and trainer."

- Karen Baetzel, Principal, BattleAxe Consulting, LLC (former Program Director, Dare Mighty Things, Inc.)


 "The Exchange" Newsletter article:

...even more impressive was what occurred at the Shaw Middle School in Millbury. “Two months after they started my program, the school chose to set a school-wide goal to have every child score above 90 percent on a math test,” said Desrosiers. “When the test was completed, the entire school averaged a 96 on the test!”     Read the rest of this article now.

Participant Testimonials:

"As a top producer, I've been to a lot of motivational seminars.  This was the best speaker I've ever seen!  Please bring Jim back next year." - Todd A., Boston Business Expo

"James was not the typical motivational speaker.  His real-world outlook and easy-to-use success tools allowed me to immediately buy-in and implement." - Sarah W., TempNet

"Three weeks of school have gone by and many of the staff here said it was one of the smoothest openings they can remember.  No doubt your efforts during our Jumpstart program was a key component of this success.  Currently, I am working with the district curriculum coordinator to see how best we can implement more of your goal setting program.  Thanks again for your help!" 

- Robert O'Brien, 

Principal, David Prouty Reg. High School


"Thank you for coming to see us the other day.  What you talked about really sunk in.  I used to be in a gang and we used to get in trouble all the time.  We were running from the cops, getting in fights and much more stuff like that.  The exact day you talked to me I noticed I needed to change.  I got out of the gang and started hanging out with my old friends and started to focus more on school and my education.  I would like to be an FBI Agent when I grow up and thanks to you, I know I need an education to do so.  Last night I went home and made some goals.  The goals I made were to get As and Bs and stay out of trouble.  I feel proud of myself already." - Ryan, 8th grade 

"Hi, I want to thank you for coming into SHRHS and giving the assemblies to my freshmen class. It actually helped me out. My goal was to pass this special class in Karate, and by training for it by using your worksheets, I passed the class! Without you helping me I don't think i would have been able to pass :( , but I did! Thanks for helping me to manage my time better.  I had no idea how much time I was wasting on video games. I think I'll put one hour into studying and one hour into training for karate. My new goal is to get invited to test for black belt." - Carlin, 9th grade

Testimonials for Youth Services

From Thoughts Of Suicide To Ultimate Success & Happiness...One Student's Story:  Jennifer Morgan and her Mom share their story and James' influence 

Testimonials from Adults and Organizations

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